albums and marathons

Hey all!!

So I thought I'd give an update on what I've been up to. The most exciting thing is probably the fact that I completed the tracking session for my first album! It was an incredible experience to watch the musicians take my songs and make them into fully produced, radio ready quality. I'm so excited!! I still have to record the vocals over the next couple months, but I have a lot of faith in how this music can turn out when done with heart and talent.

I feel SOO blessed that my family came to listen and support me over that weekend!! 2 of my sisters flew in from Salt Lake and my mom and sister drove from Virginia. Then as a wonderful surprise my incredibly supportive father flew in the morning of the recording!! I love my family so much. I had a great time with them "exploring" Nashville--or the little that I know to do here! I felt bad that I've never really done much tourist stuff so I didn't really know where to take them. But they were sports and just wanted to come to support me.

Here a pic of me with the musicians, producer, and engineers. When they came into the studio they were all impressed at the other musicians they got to work with! They are all the A Team in Nashville--for example, my guitarist tours with Faith Hill, etc. They could name drop, but they're so humble that they don't. :) SO talented!!!

In other news, I also completed a goal I'd set for myself. Me and my best friend Lexy ran a 1/2 marathon on November 6th! Woot. It was great. She kicked my trash as far as time goes, but I'm happy I finished it. I actually don't have an accurate time because my time chip fell off my shoe somewhere during the race! It was incredibly cold in downtown Indianapolis where we ran, but it was beautiful. It's definitely given me the courage and motivation to even consider a full marathon!! Thanks Lex for doing that with me and pushing me through training!


Snedakers said...

thanks for updating! Keep it coming and I promise I'll post some photo shoot pics soon.

Katelyn said...

Hey Kim! You were in Indianapolis? I'm in Indianapolis! Small world! Congrats on graduating and I'm glad to see things are going so great for you!